Drought, STECs and the Price of Ground Beef

At least two factors will be driving up the cost of ground beef:

  • The abnormal weather that is impacting corn production.
  • The implementation of the new testing regulations for STECs.

I am not a weather expert or fully versed on raising cattle. Having said that, this year’s record high temperatures and drought conditions are certain to drive up the cost of beef. Also impacting the retail price of ground beef will be the new regulations on testing for E. coli O157 and other STECs, which went into effect on June 4, 2012. Everything indicates that the level of positive results will increase significantly under these new regulations. read more…

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Multiplexing for Food Pathogen Analysis

There is a growing need for multiplexing capability for food pathogen analysis.

Historically, food pathogen analysis has relied on assays that measure one analyte at a time. To date, multiplex assays that can simultaneously measure several analytes in a single test have not been feasible, either technically or in fitting into the plant workflow. read more…

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