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New 3M Detection Platform Great Addition to Food Safety Testing Product Line

3M has announced the launch of a new pathogen detection platform, the 3M Molecular Detection System. This new product line makes perfect sense, and should be an excellent and synergistic addition to 3M’s PetriFilm, ATP, and sample prep products. Given the detection technology approach, the instrument has a small footprint and the protocol is very easy to use.

“Pathogen testing has now been made simple and affordable,” said Niki Montgomery, 3M Food Safety global marketing development manager. “…Numerous organisms can be tested in a single run and it was designed to help our customers perform fewer repeat tests and make critical decisions faster.”

Read the full press release.

After reviews of 3M’s investor presentations and IAFP meeting buzz, we mentioned rumors of this product/technology several months ago in this blog. Products like this will help food producers justify keeping pathogen analysis at their plant labs. Also, this technology platform should help companies migrate from traditional and other methods to molecular methods.

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Requirements for Food Safety Pathogen Testing Systems Changing

The overall increase in food safety pathogen testing combined with the concentration of testing in corporate and contract laboratories will dramatically change product requirements for pathogen detection systems.

As discussed in my last post, the increasing trend in food safety testing is to send samples to an outside food testing laboratory rather than conduct pathogen analysis in the food processing plant. In this post I want to quantify the implications of this concentration of analysis in contract testing labs, and to discuss the resulting impact on product requirements for pathogen detection systems. read more…

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