Pharma/PCP Micro, Second Edition: Global Review of Microbiology Testing in the Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products Industries


(Pharma/PCP Micro—2)

Globalization, increased regulation, and market pressures are forcing fundamental change within the pharmaceutical and personal care products industries worldwide. Pharma/PCP Micro—2 examines practices in what is now the second largest user of industrial microbiology testing.

Pharma/PCP Micro—2 details testing practices in each sector of the industry including which organisms are tested for, what samples are collected, and how samples are analyzed. The report tracks the adoption of rapid microbiology testing practices and examines the hurdles that have impeded their widespread acceptance.

In addition to extensive field interviews with QC managers at production facilities in multiple countries, this new report incorporates information gathered during in-depth interviews with more than 20 senior managers at leading Pharma/PCP companies. Current and future estimates of microbiology testing volumes and market values are provided, and a review of the key testing companies competing in these markets is included.

Targeted mainly to the information needs of Industrial Diagnostic Manufacturers, Pharma/PCP Micro—2 investigates the inner-workings of this market, examines the trends driving change, and projects requirements as this market expands to a nearly $2.4 billion opportunity by 2013.

  • Quantifies and characterizes all aspects of microbiological testing in both the Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products industries.
  • Characterizes microbiology testing practices by reviewing frequency of testing by organism, where samples are collected, where samples are analyzed, and what test methodologies are used.
  • Reviews testing differences by type of sample collected—product vs. water vs. environmental.
  • Characterizes the market drivers influencing testing in Pharma and PCP, including the regulatory environment, and reviews how these factors might change over time.
  • Provides market projections (testing volume and market value) for microbiological testing through 2013 versus breakthrough technology.
  • Provides insights into 15 diagnostic companies serving the Pharma and PCP Sectors.
  • Explores in detail the use of rapid microbiological methods (RMMs) in the Pharma and PCP sectors including:
    • Projects the use of rapid methods by 2013 and how this will vary by sector.
    • Most desired improvements to RMMs.
    • Key organisms and applications for RMMs.
    • Hurdles to adoption of RMMs.
    • Key opinion leaders predictions for the future of RMMs over the next 5 years.

More than 150 pages in length, Pharma/PCP Micro—2 is presented in ten well-organized, tabulated sections. More than 180 data tables, charts, and exhibits provide extensive insights into this market. In addition, there are 15 diagnostic company profiles included in this Report.

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