Industrial Microbiology Market Review, Fourth Edition: Global Review of Microbiology Testing in the Industrial Market



Industrial Microbiology Market Review, Fourth Edition: Global Review of Microbiology Testing in the Industrial Market (IMMR—4) is a new, extensively researched analysis of the sizable market for microbiological testing in the industrial market. IMMR—4 tracks and compares microbiology test volumes, market values and methods used by companies in the production of safe and wholesome products that meet label claims.

IMMR—4 includes global test volumes and growth in industrial microbiology with further analysis of market sectors, geographic regions, test methods, organisms tested and sample sources. Current market values are detailed as well as projected through 2019. With five-year projections of both testing volumes and market value, IMMR—4 provides critical input to strategic planning.

Strategic Consulting conducted more than 650 detailed interviews in 23 countries around the world as input to IMMR—4. Close to one-third of the interviews were conducted in six countries of Asia (China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam) due to the region’s economic importance, in both production and consumption, in the industrial market sectors.

IMMR—4 is based on primary research with the quality assurance managers of production facilities in six sectors of the industrial microbiology market:

  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Personal Care Products and Cosmetics (including new coverage of the fast-growing Nutraceuticals market)
  • Environmental Water
  • Industrial Processes

Analysis of each market sector includes testing by organism and methods used for each of the three geographic regions (North America, Europe and Asia/ROW-Rest of the World) as well as a discussion of regulatory and topical issues specific to the sector.

IMMR—4 also includes a thorough discussion of market trends and drivers; a business review of the industrial diagnostics market including competition, consolidation and key success factors; and detailed company profiles of 20 leading test manufacturers serving the industrial diagnostics market.

Five additional appendices are available for purchase with IMMR—4, to add even greater detail in the following areas:

  • Organism Review
  • Methods Review
  • Food Sector Review
  • Pharmaceuticals/Personal Care Products Sectors Review
  • Review of Microbial Identification

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