Food Micro, Sixth Edition: Food Microbiology Testing in Europe


Food Micro, Sixth Edition: Food Microbiology Testing in Europe (Food Micro—6) is the first definitive report to focus exclusively on the European food microbiology testing market. Food Micro—6 reviews the important methods, technologies, companies, regulations and trends shaping food safety testing in Europe.

Europe is a substantial market for food microbiology testing. With a population of more than 500 million (2009), the 27 countries of the European Union (EU) performed an estimated 275 million food micro tests in 2011. In comparison, there were 213 million tests conducted in the US in 2010.

In addition to size, the European food safety testing market differs from the US market in areas such as methods used, organisms tested and regulations. As a result, says Tom Weschler, president of SCI and lead author of Food Micro—6, “Europe must be examined and understood as a separate entity as it relates to food microbiology testing, and not simply thought of and treated as ‘like the US.’” Food Micro—6 tracks, analyzes and reports on the distinct and important EU food microbiology testing market.

 Europe must be examined and understood as a separate entity as it relates to food microbiology testing, and not simply thought of and treated as ‘like the US’.

In preparing this new and comprehensive review of the European food microbiology testing market, Strategic Consulting (SCI) conducted more than 175 detailed interviews in 11 European countries accounting for 77% of all agricultural/food value add in the European Union.

Because SCI conducted primary research with food-processing plants in Europe, Food Micro—6 is able to offer new, detailed data on European food safety testing such as test volumes, methods used for routine and pathogen testing, where samples are collected and analyzed, and costs per test performed. Differences in testing practices are analyzed for the meat, dairy, fruits/vegetables, and processed food segments. Variations within countries are outlined, and expected changes in future testing practices are discussed.

Like all SCI publications, Food Micro—6 is based on new, primary research and industry-specific expertise and analysis. Food Micro—6 incorporates:

  • Lengthy interviews with food processing plants in the meat, dairy, fruit/vegetable, and processed food segments in 11 European countries representing 77% of the total agricultural/food value-added in the EU.
  • A discussion of key drivers for food microbiology testing, and a country-by-country comparison of total testing, organisms tested, and methods used.
  • Test volumes, methods, and products used for routine, environmental and pathogen tests for TVO, Coliform, Yeast/Mold, ATP, Staphylococcus, Salmonella, Listeria, L. mono, E. coli O157, and Campylobacter.
  • Forecasts for the state of the market in 2016 including routine, pathogen and overall test volumes and market values.
  • Insights from Strategic Consulting’s principals honed over more than 75 combined years in the worldwide industrial diagnostics marketplace.
  • Profiles of the leading diagnostic companies competing in the food safety testing market including a discussion of new technologies and market strategies: Becton-Dickinson, BioControl, bioMérieux, Bio-Rad, BIOTECON, DuPont Qualicon, Foss A/S, Idaho Technology, Life Technologies (ABI), Merck Millipore, 3M, Neogen, Pall Corporation, QIAGEN, Roka Bioscience, R-Biopharm, SDIX and Thermo Fisher.

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