Food Micro, Fifth Edition: Microbiology Testing in the U.S. Food Industry


(Food Micro—5)

The food safety market is changing quickly: Recalls, regulations, new test methods, acquisitions, and a range of other factors are shifting priorities and altering the competitive landscape. Solid information and insights are critical as you determine how to successfully navigate this market.

Food Micro—5 is a comprehensive review of the markets, methods, technologies, and key companies shaping the future of microbiology testing in the US food processing industry.

  • The Food Sector represents almost 50% of the total industrial microbiology testing market, and is more than double the size of any other industrial segment including pharmaceutical, personal care, beverage, environmental, and industrial processes.
  • In 2010, the US food processing industry performed 213.2 million microbiology tests. The volume of routine/indicator tests went up by just over 10% between 2008 and 2010.
  • During that same three-year period, however, the volume of pathogen tests such as Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter, and E. coli O157 increased by more than 30%.

Through primary research on current testing practices at 9,350 US food processing plants, Food Micro—5 reviews macro market changes impacting testing requirements and competitive practices, and offers extensive market projections through to 2015. Industry-wide testing practices are compared with those of the top 30 food companies, and expected changes in future testing practices are discussed.

Like all SCI publications, Food Micro—5 is based on new, primary research and industry-specific expertise and analysis.

  • Lengthy interviews with food processing plants in the meat, dairy, fruit/vegetable, and processed food segments,
  • Detailed conversations with many of the senior quality and food safety officers at the top-30 food companies,
  • Expert review of important industrial diagnostic competitors
  • Strategic and operational perspectives on microbial testing in the U.S. food processing industry
  • Insights honed over more than 75 combined years in industrial diagnostics.

Food Micro—5 is more than 250 pages in length with more than 275 data tables/charts and 18 profiles of major competitors.

While food companies continue to make investments in their overall food safety programs, new regulations, outbreaks, and public concern are driving even more pathogen-specific testing. Pathogens are everyone’s focus.

Thomas R. Weschler, Food Micro—5 Lead Author




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