Food Micro, Eighth Edition: Microbiology Testing in the Global Food Industry


Food Micro, Eighth Edition: Microbiology Testing in the Global Food Industry (Food Micro—8) tracks and compares microbiology test volumes, market values and methods used by food producers around the world, based on detailed interviews with more than 450 food production facilities in North America, Europe and Asia, including China and India.

According to Food Micro—8, the global food industry will conduct 966.5 million microbiology tests in 2013 to ensure the safety of food products and detect dangerous pathogens in food. The report provides detailed breakdowns by microorganisms, food segments (meat, dairy, fruit/vegetable and processed foods) and geographic regions, and summarizes key trends and concerns in microbiology testing in food production facilities around the world.

Strategic Consulting’s research shows a continued increase in worldwide microbiology test volumes over the last 15 years. Total test volumes have increased 128%, and testing for specific foodborne pathogens like Salmonella and E. coli grew at an even faster rate. In 1998, pathogen testing represented just 13.7% of total food microbiology tests conducted, while today pathogen testing represents 23.2% of all such tests.

Download the research poster “Comparison of Current Food Microbiology Testing Practices in North America, Europe, and Asia” presented at the 2014 American Society for Microbiology (ASM) General Meeting in Boston.

Food Micro—8 contains more than 100 pages of detailed graphs, analyses and discussion of key trends and issues, and includes a review of leading food diagnostic businesses and products. For the first time, additional appendices that delve into particular market topics are also available, including:

  • Organism Review
  • North America Review
  • Europe Review
  • Asia Review
  • Food Plant Lab Review

These appendices deliver an additional 70 pages of valuable charts and insights that enable a very detailed investigation of these specific food microbiology market segments.

Food Micro—8 is based on detailed interviews conducted by Strategic Consulting and integrated into its database of food microbiology diagnostics trends and practices, which has been built, analyzed and published in eight market research reports over the last 17 years. Delivering both extensive new data and detailed historical perspective, Strategic Consulting market research reports are widely accepted by leading diagnostic manufacturers and investors as highly credible analyses of the industry.


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