Business Strategy Development Sample Projects

Business strategy

A leading instrument company was considering entry into food diagnostics with its new technology. Strategic Consulting mentored the project team as it evaluated new product opportunities. We also assisted with market research, market potential assessment and a business model that generated a go/no-go recommendation for the company president.

Customer satisfaction and strategy assessment

A leading diagnostic company sought increased market penetration for its products/technology. Strategic Consulting interviewed existing customers to assess their satisfaction. In addition, interviews were conducted with prospective customers who had decided to use competitors’ products. Based on these inputs, we recommended changes in strategy for distribution, R&D, and marketing plans.

Market assessment

A food, biochemical and diagnostics company in Japan planned to launch its product/technology in the US. We assessed market and product opportunities, and reviewed competitive products and technologies. Strategic Consulting also identified and evaluated possible strategic partners to aid in US business development.

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