Business Management and Tactical Implementation Sample Projects

Business management

A Scandinavian chemical sensor company wanted to establish a US subsidiary. Clear understanding of the opportunities for their novel technology in the industrial market was essential. Strategic Consulting performed a market assessment, facilitated business strategy and market development plans, provided interim management services, and recruited the management and sales teams.

Management mentoring and recruitment

A life science diagnostics company wanted to enter the industrial diagnostic market. We assisted in their business planning process, mentored senior management, and provided key personnel recruiting services to aid in the establishment of a new division dedicated to industrial markets.

International strategy formulation and implementation

A supplier of laboratory and industrial FDA-grade disposable plastics sought a more productive distribution strategy to improve low market penetration and gross margins in Europe. Strategic Consulting recommended they change from using distributors in that market to direct sales with a streamlined supply chain. Now in progress, this medium-to-long term plan will move to European manufacturing to take advantage of government subsidies and financial support.

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