Business Development Sample Projects

Business development

A Scandinavian start-up company had novel technology and the desire to enter the industrial diagnostics market. Strategic Consulting guided the company through development of its initial business plan, two rounds of equity financing, launch of its commercial products, and establishment of strategic distribution partnerships.

Market assessment and development

A food, biochemical, and diagnostics company in Japan planned to launch its product/technology in the US. We assessed market and product opportunities, and reviewed competitive products and technologies. Strategic Consulting also identified and evaluated possible strategic partners to aid in US business development.

Strategic planning and business development

A microbiological media company wanted to expand distribution channels in its existing markets and develop strategic partners in new markets for its proprietary packaging technology. Strategic Consulting provided sales/marketing management and developed a strategic plan. We then identified and negotiated strategic partner licensing and OEM/private-labeling in the US and distribution agreements in South Africa, Korea, Europe, and Japan.

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