Our Consulting Services

Strategic Consulting actively helps clients develop and implement winning strategies for industrial diagnostic markets. We recommend pragmatic strategies that can be reasonably achieved, believing that accurate planning succeeds only when it can be efficiently executed.

With more than 75 combined years in industrial diagnostics, our consultants have walked in your shoes, faced the same challenges and been successful. We possess extensive industry knowledge and seasoned expertise in a range of industrial diagnostics markets including beverage and food safety testing, pharmaceutical rapid microbiology, and molecular diagnostics for environmental and industrial process water.

Business Strategy Development

SCI can lead or support your company in the business-critical, strategic planning process. We help integrate customer feedback, assess market potential, determine competitor strengths/weaknesses, review technology/product potential, and integrate market trends/threats into a pragmatic and winning plan.

Business Management and Tactical Implementation

SCI actively supports the execution of your strategic and tactical plans. We mentor management teams, facilitate product development and launch, and establish or expand domestic/international distribution channels. We mediate product/technology licensing, partnering or private-labeling, and develop and recruit marketing/sales organizations.

Business Development

SCI supports the implementation of your strategic business plan through sourcing of equity financing, acquisition/divestiture of technologies, products or companies, and the establishment of strategic partnerships.

Global Expansion

SCI has the experience and geographical positioning to your company successfully expand distribution beyond your home territories or broaden its coverage around the world.

Custom Market Research

SCI provides thorough industry analyses through custom primary market research that includes research design, survey development and execution, customer profiling, market needs analysis, customer and competitor profiling, and commercial-potential determinations.

Market Research Reports

Strategic Consulting’s long tenure in the industrial diagnostics industry includes the publication of 13 reports addressing critical market topics over the last 15 years. Every SCI report incorporates new primary research, interviews of industry and regulatory experts, analyses of current and emerging trends, market size projections, and a thorough review of competitors.

SCI offers the following current reports: Food Micro, Fifth Edition; Pharma/PCP, Second Edition; and Industrial Microbiology Market Review, Third Edition.