Market Reports Overview

Strategic Consulting’s long tenure in industrial diagnostics includes the publication of more than 20 comprehensive market reports over the last 23 years. Top-tier competitors within industrial diagnostics have purchased hundreds of our reports, for an average of five different reports per company.

“Thank you so much for the market reports.  I have to say, amongst everything I have read on this space, these are the most impressive and accurate reports I’ve seen. Actually, they’re probably the best reports I’ve read in any market…”       

Molecular Diagnostic Company CEO

Every SCI market report is based on our extensive primary research with:

  • Production facilities
  • Senior quality/safety officers in the leading companies
  • Key opinion leaders
  • Regulatory experts
  • Diagnostic companies participating in the field.

SCI market research reports include analyses of current and emerging trends, market-size projections and a thorough review of competitors.

Written in an easy-to-read style with clear data and graphs, Strategic Consulting market reports are designed to help you make sound business decisions.

Food Micro, Sixth Edition: Food Microbiology Testing in Europe

Food Micro, Sixth Edition: Food Microbiology Testing in Europe (Food Micro—6) is the first definitive report to focus exclusively on the...


Food Micro, Fifth Edition: Microbiology Testing in the U.S. Food Industry

(Food Micro—5) The food safety market is changing quickly: Recalls, regulations, new test methods, acquisitions, and a range of other...


Pharma/PCP Micro, Second Edition: Global Review of Microbiology Testing in the Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products Industries

(Pharma/PCP Micro—2) Globalization, increased regulation, and market pressures are forcing fundamental change within the pharmaceutical and personal care products industries...