Whole Genome Sequencing – What is Really Going on in the Market?

Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) is a hot topic in food safety. But is it being used by food processors? We have been looking at this question for more than 4 years, and we have learned both “how” and “how much” food processors are using WGS.   (spoiler alert – not very much).

We have asked questions about the use of WGS at least once each year since 2017, including this year’s survey in April 2020. In those 4 years, we have received data from more than 600 processors (an average of more than 150 responses per year). In each of these surveys, no more than 10 percent of respondents reported using WGS — even once — for any of their samples (Figure 1). In our most recent survey, only 5 percent reported that they are using WGS in any capacity.

We also asked about other options that may be available for processors to take advantage of the power of sequencing, but without the complexity of WGS.

Find out more in our latest Food Safety Insights in Food Safety Magazine available here: Food Safety Insights – AugSep 2020

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