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Tweeting About Food Safety

I’ve been using Twitter for close to two years now. For me, tweeting about food safety has been a natural addition to a process that I have followed for my 30+ years in food safety and industrial diagnostics—tracking on the latest food safety news, issues, regulations, technologies, etc.

Staying current in the field of food safety diagnostics is a passion of mine. It also makes good business sense given that many of my clients are industrial diagnostics companies.

So it was great to be acknowledged in a recent blog post on the Sample6 website, 15 Best Food Safety Twitter Accounts. And to be counted in among some of the best blogs addressing the myriad of issues related to food safety.

My specific area of focus relates to food safety trends and drivers—changes in regulations, food chain practices, public perceptions, etc. that will impact food safety testing in the global food industry. read more…

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