Many “Niches” in the Global Food Microbiology Testing Market

Due out this month, Food Micro, Eighth Edition: Microbiology Testing in the Global Food Industry (Food Micro-8) explores differences in testing by region, food segment, organisms and company structures.

Microbiology testing by food companies around the world is on the rise. Increases are occurring in all geographic regions and across all food segments. The total volume of food microbiology testing worldwide is approaching 1 billion tests annually—an increase of about 125% since 1998.
Routine and Pathogen Food Microbiology Tests Worldwide

Numerous factors are driving the increase in food microbiology testing:

    • The demand for food increases as the world’s population grows.
    • More and more food is produced in food processing facilities.
    • The food produced and sold in most countries includes an increasing amount of food produced outside of the country, with more importing and exporting of ingredients and final product resulting in an ever more complex food chain.
    • Food companies are increasingly proactive in their efforts to ensure safe food that meets label claims.
    • Food safety remains a high priority in the minds of consumers worldwide.
    • Recalls and other food safety issues are a highly covered topic by the media.
    • Regulatory agencies continue to expand food safety requirements and regulations.
    • Food recalls are expensive and extract a heavy toll on both the bottom line and corporate brand.

Publishing this month, Food Micro—8 will provide a thorough review of current and projected microbiology testing practices at food production facilities worldwide, with five-year forecasts provided through to 2018. New to this Edition are five supplemental sections designed to provide additional detailed facts/figures for use by product managers/marketing:

    • Organism Review
    • Food Plant Lab Review
    • Regional Review: North America
    • Regional Review: Europe
    • Regional Review: Asia

Food Micro—8 is the 16th market research report from Strategic Consulting, Inc. (SCI). Since 1996, industrial diagnostic companies, food companies, and government agencies have relied on Strategic Consulting market reports for accurate data and clear analysis of food and industrial microbiology testing practices and methods.

The global food testing market is not homogeneous and test practices vary extensively. Food Micro—8 provides the market metrics and key insights necessary to understand the food microbiology testing market and all of its dynamics and variability.

One clear takeaway from Food Micro—8 is that the global food micro testing market has many niches, with different testing opportunities and needs. There is not one global solution for food safety testing because of the variances in geographic regions, food segments, organisms of concern, and food company structures.

If you’d like to read more, we recently published an article in Food Safety Magazine based on some preliminary data from Food Micro—8. And stay tuned—more information on Food Micro—8 will soon be forthcoming.

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