Some Thoughts on Food Safety Summit 2012

Food Safety Summit always leaves me with mixed feelings. Spring is a good time of year for the show, and its D.C. location means excellent attendance by government regulatory personnel. However, Food Safety Summit never seems to totally come together, and every year it leaves me wondering if my time and money have been well spent by attending.

That said, here are my observations from this year’s Food Safety Summit:

I was struck by the large number of exhibitors from service and/or contract lab-related companies. Clearly there is a sizable and growing need in the food industry for “outside” help in meeting the food safety expectations for today’s food.

Many of the usual food diagnostic companies were at the show but almost all the booths were modest in size.

  • Interestingly, 3M, Fisher Scientific, SDIX, BD, Life Technologies and a few other diagnostic companies were missing entirely.

There were some new products displayed at the show.

  • Roka was there in force, and pleased to mention that at least one of their Atlas systems is now on order.
  • Neogen had their new pathogen system, ANSR, referenced in their booth, in spite of the fact that their AOAC approvals are not yet in hand.

Congratulations to Hans Kissle, a manufacturer of prepared foods, salads, and desserts, which received the 11th Annual Food Quality Award.

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