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Requirements for Food Safety Pathogen Testing Systems Changing

The overall increase in food safety pathogen testing combined with the concentration of testing in corporate and contract laboratories will dramatically change product requirements for pathogen detection systems.

As discussed in my last post, the increasing trend in food safety testing is to send samples to an outside food testing laboratory rather than conduct pathogen analysis in the food processing plant. In this post I want to quantify the implications of this concentration of analysis in contract testing labs, and to discuss the resulting impact on product requirements for pathogen detection systems. read more…

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Food Pathogen Testing Moving to Outside Testing Labs

An emerging trend in food safety testing: Pathogen analysis moving to contract labs or corporate testing centers

We’re seeing an emerging trend in food safety testing that we believe has big implications for diagnostic equipment manufacturers: Pathogen analysis is increasingly being conducted outside of food plants in contract labs or corporate testing centers.

Food Micro-5, Strategic Consulting’s latest market research report on food safety microbiology testing, shows sizable growth in both routine and pathogen testing in the U.S. food industry. With pathogen testing growing at twice the rate of routine testing, it all adds up to increased opportunity for diagnostic test manufacturers.

Even more important, however, is where that analysis is taking place. Increasingly, SCI is seeing food plants deciding to send their samples outside for analysis, either to contract testing labs or corporate testing centers. In fact, the volume of samples sent outside for analysis is growing at an even faster rate than the pathogen testing market is growing. read more…

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Post-Irene in Vermont

For the past 15 years or so I have been lucky to both live and work in Vermont. I just love being here… the people, the land, and the lifestyle are wonderful. Vermont is certainly a great place to raise a family.

The economics in Vermont are not always easy for businesses, however. In my case, I am fortunate to be able to conduct my business here and satisfy my clients even though almost none of them are located nearby. I feel blessed to live and work in this place that I love. read more…

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