U.S. Food Pathogen Testing Market Grows By 18%

New regulations and public demand for safe food are increasing microbiology testing by food producers, according to Food Micro—5, the new market report from Strategic Consulting, Inc., a leading knowledge resource for the industrial diagnostics industry.

Woodstock, VT July 6, 2011 — Testing for microbial contamination by the U.S. food industry is on the rise, according to a new report from Strategic Consulting, Inc. (SCI). Thomas Weschler, president and report author, says that while the food safety testing market has shown solid growth in the last decade, recent concerns about contaminants such as E-coli 0157 and Salmonella have driven an 18% average growth in the pathogen testing market for the past three years.

The food safety testing market is changing quickly: Recalls, regulations, new test methods, company acquisitions, and a range of other factors are shifting priorities for U.S. food producers and altering the competitive landscape for food diagnostic testing companies.

In its newest market research report, Food Micro, Fifth Edition: Microbiology Testing in the U.S. Food Industry (Food Micro—5), Strategic Consulting tracks changes to microbiology testing practices in the U.S. food industry as it strives to produce safe and wholesome foods in an increasingly global market.

In 2010, 213.2 million microbiology tests were collected in the US food processing industry, a 14.4% increase since 2008.

“After a decade of solid but quiet growth, the microbiology testing requirements of the food processing industry—especially in pathogen testing—have been thrust into the public spotlight again, driving healthy growth in food diagnostic testing,” says Weschler. “Overall market value growth has averaged 13.0% over the past three years and pathogen testing market value has averaged 18.0% during the same time.”

Food Micro—5 examines the markets, methods, technologies and key companies involved in microbiology testing in the food processing industry. The report is based on SCI’s primary research with more than 100 food-processing plants in the meat, dairy, fruit/vegetable, and processed food segments. SCI also contacted many of the senior quality and food safety officers at the top-30 food companies in order to include both strategic and operational perspectives on microbial testing in the U.S. food processing industry.

U.S. food producers routinely conduct microbiology testing of the raw materials, the food production plant, and the finished food products, looking for indicators of microorganisms in the food and/or processing facility. The volume of these routine/indicator tests went up by just over 10% between 2008 and 2010. During that same three-year period, however, the volume of tests that look for specific pathogens such as Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter, and E. coli O157 increased by more than 30%.

“While food companies continue to make investments in their overall food safety programs, new regulations, outbreaks, and public concern drive even more pathogen-specific testing,” Weschler explains. “Pathogens are everyone’s focus.” As a result, Weschler says, new diagnostic technologies and new players are entering the market, and the business landscape continues to change through acquisitions, partnerships, and new product offerings.

Strategic Consulting’s long tenure in the industrial diagnostics industry includes the publication of 13 market research reports addressing critical market topics over the last 15 years. Strategic Consulting (SCI) market research reports are widely accepted by leading diagnostic manufacturers and investors as highly credible analyses of the industry.

Every SCI publication incorporates new primary research, interviews of industry and regulatory experts, analyses of current and emerging trends, market-size projections, and a thorough review of competitors. Written in an easy-to-read style with clear data and graphs, Strategic Consulting market reports are designed to help make sound business decisions.

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