Post-Irene in Vermont

For the past 15 years or so I have been lucky to both live and work in Vermont. I just love being here… the people, the land, and the lifestyle are wonderful. Vermont is certainly a great place to raise a family.

The economics in Vermont are not always easy for businesses, however. In my case, I am fortunate to be able to conduct my business here and satisfy my clients even though almost none of them are located nearby. I feel blessed to live and work in this place that I love.

Right now in Vermont we are deeply saddened by the destruction brought by Irene. It is hard to fully comprehend the devastation and hardship… lives have been changed, homes and businesses lost.

Social media has done an excellent job in sharing views of the storm’s wrath in Vermont. I have included this link with more. Most of the photos (especially towards the end) are from locations not too far from my home and office in Woodstock.

Vermont will rebuild and return to a new sense of normalcy, but it will be a long process. We might lose ‘leaf season’ or ‘ski season’ but the people of Vermont will prevail. The sense of community that has been demonstrated is profound and the strength of the people is remarkable.

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